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“Have you or your business ever suffered from last-minute cancellations? We’ve all been there – one minute you’re fully booked, and the next you have empty slots and no way to fill them. That’s where Eleventh Hour comes in!”

Abigail Fletcher
Beautician, Mum, and Founder of Eleventh Hour Beauty

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Fill your last minute appointments

Advertise and fill last-minute cancellations and empty slots by simply listing them.

Approve customers before bookings are confirmed

Check user reviews and decide whether you want to take on a booking before confirming.

Pay no commission

We’ll never charge you commission on your appointment bookings. There’s one set monthly cost and that’s it. It’s good to know that what you earn, you keep.

No sneaky price inflations

We don’t inflate prices during busy times. That means if business is good it’s you who benefits!

You set the price and clients pay you directly

With Eleventh Hour you have complete control over your rates and payments.

Review your customers in the app

Have you ever had a customer that you wish you could warn others about? Now you can, by giving them a star rating!

It’s time to get busy. Really busy.