Eleventh Hour Beauty is a revolutionary new beauty booking platform that makes it easy to book last minute appointments with hair and beauty professionals in your area!
Search the service, whether you prefer a salon or at home, location, day and time that you would like your appointment, select your preferred provider and book!
An Elevener is anyone who uses Eleventh Hour to book their hair and beauty appointments.
Yes! Download our app for free in your AppStore now.
No, Eleventh Hour is 100% free to use for Eleveners!
We’d be sad to see you go, but if you want to say goodbye it couldn’t be easier! Simply go onto your account settings, choose ‘Delete my account’ and follow the steps.
Just like you can rate hair and beauty businesses based on their service, they can rate you based on how much of a good customer you are. Don’t worry - this isn’t personal! It’s just a case of being kind, respectful and showing up to your appointments.
You pay the chosen salon / professional directly. This makes it easier if your appointment has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and is the most fair and preferable way to conduct transactions for salons.
To put it simply… we’re national!
Yes! Simply search and select the salon that you are looking for, and you should be able to choose and book with your favourite hair / beauty professional!
You can cancel or amend your appointment by contacting the salon / professional that you are booked with.
Navigate to the contact page and then select the department you wish to contact.
Nope - we’re just the online booking system. Our salons use Eleventh Hour to list appointments to their customers.
If it’s a treatment offered by one of our salons, you’ll be able to book it on Eleventh Hour! Remember, Eleventh Hour isn’t a salon. We don’t personally offer the treatments - we’d rather leave it to the professionals!
A last-minute appointment is just that - an appointment you can find on Eleventh Hour when you need it most. Salons list these appointments when they have no-shows or cancellations from other clients. Last-minute appointments are a rare find, so if you see one, you’ll have to be quick to catch it!