Stand With Salons

A message to hair & beauty business owners

We understand there are tough times ahead for all in the hair and beauty industry in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak. We're doing all we can to help, and are devastated by the effect this has had on our industry so far.

Eleventh Hour is a new online platform that helps hair and beauty businesses fill empty slots, and helps customers find last-minute appointments.

We've updated our #StandWithSalons campaign in light of the recent lockdown extension. As well as a FREE eleven-week subscription* for all businesses, we will also be donating £1 to the Hair & Beauty Charity Covid-19 Relief Fund for every single sign-up we receive at this time.

Your free 11 weeks** won't start until your salon or business is able to re-open, meaning you can take advantage of absolutely no booking fees as you get back on your feet, and be ready to welcome customers old and new as soon as possible.

We're committed to supporting local and independent businesses across the UK, and now more than ever is a time to stick together, share ideas, care for one another and support those who need us the most... join us and #standwithsalons

Eleventh Hour x

Sign Up For Free Schedule a Demo *Eleven weeks free for any salon who signed up before 4th July 2020
**Eleven weeks starts from the official date your business type is able to reopen. For example, for hairdressers, this is 4th July 2020.