Due to the current situation you are only able arrange catch-ups with your customers


Eleventh Hour Beauty is a revolutionary new beauty booking platform that makes it easy to fill last minute appointments with Eleveners in your area!
Businesses list their last-minute empty appointment spaces, and Eleveners search and book available slots in their area.
An Elevener is anyone who appreciates flexibility and freedom in their schedule, and loves using Eleventh Hour to book their hair and beauty appointments.
Not at the moment, but watch this space as there is one on the way!
Yes, take a look at our packages to find out more.
If you would like to get rid of your account with us simply go into your account settings, and choose ‘Delete my account’ and follow the steps. You may have to pay for the remainder of your monthly or yearly contract.
Just as users can rate your service, you can rate users based on what kind of customer they are. This isn’t personal! It’s just a case of how respectful they are and whether they show up to their appointments.
No, they can only make bookings. This makes it easier if the appointment has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and puts you in control.
Eleventh Hour currently covers Leeds but we’re expanding. So if we’re not in your area right now, keep an eye out – we’re coming for ya! And if you think your area is crying out for Eleventh Hour, drop us a message. You never know, we might arrive sooner than you think.
Yes! With Eleventh Hour you pay per diary, and get a calendar per stylist. This allows customers to re-book with their favourites.
Yes, Eleveners can cancel or amend their appointment by contacting you.
You can choose to pay either monthly or yearly, whatever works best for your business. It works out even better value if you opt for a yearly contract. See our packages for more info.
Simply log into your profile, go onto your calendar and select the day and time that you’re free and add this to your availability.
Of course! Go onto your profile and select the parts that you want to edit, and click confirm.
When you have a question or just need help with something, we’re here to help on live chat, email and over the phone! Check out our contact page to find out more.
To get rid of your account, simply go into your account settings, choose ‘Delete my account’ and follow the steps. You may have to pay for the remainder of your monthly or yearly contract.