Eleventh Hour Beauty is a revolutionary new beauty booking platform that makes it easy to fill last minute appointments with Eleveners in your area!
Eleventh Hour is designed to help you swap empty chairs for paying customers. Whether you utilise our 'last-minute' appointment features or use us as your sole booking platform, you'll soon regain control of that appointment book.
An Elevener is anyone who appreciates flexibility and freedom in their schedule, and loves using Eleventh Hour to book their hair and beauty appointments.
Yes! Download it from the AppStore today!
Yes, take a look at our packages to find out more.
If you would like to delete your account, get in touch with us.
Just as users can rate your service, you can rate users based on what kind of customer they are. This isn’t personal! It’s just a case of how respectful they are and whether they show up to their appointments.
No, they can only make bookings. This makes it easier if the appointment has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, and puts you in control.
Yes! With Eleventh Hour you pay per diary, and get a calendar per stylist. This allows customers to re-book with their favourites.
Eleveners can cancel their appointment via their account page, but are advised to get in touch with their salon to make amendments to their booking.
You can choose to pay either monthly or yearly, whatever works best for your business. It works out even better value if you opt for a yearly contract. See our packages for more info.
Simply log into your profile, go to 'Appointments' and select the day/time to start adding your availability.
Yes! Simply login and select the area you wish to edit from the menu across the top.
When you have a question or just need help with something, we’re here to help on live chat, email and over the phone! Check out our contact page to find out more.
A last-minute appointment can be anything from a current no-show to a pre-cancelled appointment. You can list these appointments on our platform, and Eleveners in your area can rejoice at being squeezed in at the eleventh hour.
Currently, Eleventh Hour doesn't integrate with other online services and booking platforms. We're always working hard on improving your experience with the platform, so don't worry!
Eleventh Hour can be used as a standalone booking platform. Use us for last-minute cancellations or your main booking platform - the choice is yours!
Yes, but this depends on your Eleveners' profile settings. We currently offer salons free SMS appointment reminders - but these are only sent if Eleveners have reminders enabled on their profile.
To list appointments on your Eleventh Hour profile, login to your business dashboard, click 'Appointments', and select the day/time to start listing your availability.
Your salon's profile is public on Eleventh Hour, meaning anyone can find it! To help direct customers in particular, you can share the link to your salon's public profile (whether in-person, or on social media), which they can then save for future reference.
Your Eleventh Hour free trial lasts for one month. In that time, you can trial the service and see what you think! Once that month is up, the choice is yours - sign-up for a full package, or cancel your subscription, no questions asked.
During the pandemic, we launched our #StandWithSalons campaign, to help hair & beauty businesses get back on their feet in the aftermath of the pandemic. We offered all new salons who made the switch to Eleventh Hour an eleven-week free trial (from when they were able to reopen safely), and donated £1 to the Hair & Beauty Charity's COVID-19 Relief Fund every time someone new (salon or user) signed up.
If you offer a unique service or treatment that can't be found on our generic services list, don't worry! Click the 'Help' button (in the bottom right of your screen), and one of our sales team will be more than happy to help you out.
Yes! Eleventh Hour is available to any business in the hair and beauty industry, including barbers.
Currently, you can't integrate your salon's Instagram profile with Eleventh Hour, but we're always looking to improve the way we work with other platforms and services.
Our support team is always available to salons who use Eleventh Hour. You can chat with us via live chat (by clicking 'help' in the bottom right corner of the screen), by messaging us on social media, or sending us an email. No matter how you get in touch, our team is always happy to help you out!
Any business can use Eleventh Hour in the hair and beauty industry. We work with barbers, hairdressers, beauty salons, aestheticians, beauticians, freelancers, mobile professionals, and spas. If you have a hair and beauty business, you're welcome on Eleventh Hour!
Nope - that's the beauty of our system!
Nope - your profits are just that - yours! We'll never charge a commission on your hard-earned cash.
Nope - and we never will. You're working harder during these times, so you should be able to take home more money.

It’s time to get busy. Really busy.